Helper Days

Below is what you can expect on your monthly helper day(s):

Before session:
– Make sure your kids are comfortable
– Bathrooms: line pail w/ netted bag or pillow-slip, fill hand towel containers and ensure hand          soap is there.  Prop door open
– Vacuum carpet  (AM)
– Place basin of warm soapy water on blue bench by the paint easels
– Place large towel on blue bench for kids to dry their hands with
– Place a plastic bag in the black garbage can
– Fill paint pots, and place on easels, leaving carrying tray under the easel
– Meet w/ ECE to go over “art of the day” and assist w/ set up of tables

During session:
– Do attendance – 3 boards:  front door, side door leading to yard, and back door beyond bathrooms
– Observe, listen and watch to ensure children’s safety.  Support and encourage play but do not dominate
– Assist where needed, bathroom breaks etc
– Help children clean up their materials and equipment ie craft table, paint easels
-Remember to label their art, on the back top right, using Upper case first letter and lower case on the rest please
– Ensure that fresh paper is on easels and art tables after each child
– During parade, clear off art tables and clean with spray bottles containing cleaning solution.  Please remember to clean off after snack
– Open outside toy shed during snack time, sign off on playground inspection.  Pull applicable toys out

After Session:
– Place art supplies back onto appropriate shelves, including craft of day, playdough etc
– Wipe up paint pots and place them back into trays underneath phone counter.  Empty and wash out rinse bin.  Take towel to laundry bin.
– Wipe up any drips on the floor due to paint, glue etc
– Sweep floors, take bag from black garbage can to white kitchen can
– Wipe up bathroom counters, and flush toilets.  Take hand cloth bins and hand soap back to kitchen closet
– Tidy kitchen, place items back in closet

*For legal reasons it is required for at least one parent helper to stay until all children have been picked up*

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