Our fundraising philosophy Overall, our best source of funds is kids registered and having fun learning at preschool. Being a non-profit organization, “FUN-draising” however is also vital to meeting a budget each school year. Under the direction of the Fundraising Committee, all members participate in a number of events throughout the year. This may include:

  • Thrifty Foods smile cards
  • Purdys Chocolates
  • Veseys Flowers
  • Paint Nite
  • Scholastic books
  • Silent auction

We are also open to some other ways of bringing funds in to support the school. All other fundraising projects are completely optional. We want fundraising to be as simple and fun as possible! No family need feel any pressure to buy books, eat chocolates, sell flowers, etc. If these other projects fit well with your family, feel free to be part of them, if not, no pressure.


Mabel’s Got Your Label

Here’s a good example!  Shoes, coats, backpacks, food containers. All important things, that somehow go missing in the midst of our busy lives! Now you can label everything in your house, so your items don’t get tossed in the Lost and Found Bin!

Visit, and scroll on down to “Countryside Preschool” in the “School / Organization” list. When you buy labels and stickers from Mabel’s Labels, your purchase will automatically credit the preschool, and generates funds that will support our kids. Thank you for your support!



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