Catherine Kay


Catherine was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. In 1999 she made Victoria her home, and started working more formally with children. In 2007 she decided to pursue her ECE training, and began the program at Camosun College.  Catherine’s love of teaching and children is fed by children’s creativity and their inquisitive approach to the surrounding world.

She has worked in a variety of settings, from one-on-one to large groups. She has worked with all ages of children, from newborn infants to teenagers.  Though each age group has its perks, the preschool age is where Catherine finds her spark. Preschool-aged children have contagious, unending enthusiasm. They also have a wonderful willingness to believe in a little bit of ‘magic’ in the world.

Catherine discovered the co-op preschool model while looking at preschool options for her own children.  The collaboration between educators and parents, and resulting community that is formed, creates a unique preschool environment.  After two years of being a Countryside parent and the previous ECE retiring, Catherine found the ideal time to step in as Countryside Preschool’s ECE. Utilizing the strengths of the co-op model, Catherine draws on parental expertise to create an amazing educational experience for children. This setting helps the children gain independence in a learning-through-play environment.

When enjoying downtime (no easy task with three of her own children at home!), you can find Catherine knitting or puttering in the garden.






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