Our ECEs

Meet Madelaine Hittos  Countryside 2014-2015 101

Madelaine is our licensed Early Childhood Educator with certification in Special Needs and Infant and Toddler education.  Madelaine has worked with children and families in various educational settings since 1998, including elementary schools, preschools, and recreation and community centres. She has also worked as a Child, Youth and Family counsellor at Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Mental Health for over ten years.

Madelaine has recently completed her Masters Degree in Early Education through the University of British Columbia.  She also has a degree in Child and Youth Care, and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education.


photo 2Madelaine’s interest in how young children learn began while watching her own children mature. Her focus has explored how children with a variety of learning needs gain a sense of competency and control in their worlds. She highly values using mediums that are open-ended and do not limit children’s natural talent for using all of their senses to learn. Mediums like sand, water, building blocks, clay, paints, and other materials found in nature, not only create opportunities for children to learn with all of their senses, but also provide opportunities for them to use their wonderful gift of imagination as they learn about their worlds.

When working with children, Madelaine provides opportunities to explore dramatic play, constructive play, creative arts, language and music and movement. With these explorations, opportunities occur to greatly expand a child’s capacity to participate in a community of children as they learn to problem solve, share their ideas and to develop skills for kindergarten.

Meet Christine Jensen   IMG_2623

Christine is our ECE Assistant. She began working with children in 1997, leading a variety of children’s programs at recreation centres throughout Victoria. She has her Early Childhood Education Assistant certification from Camosun College and an Education Degree from the University of Victoria. Upon graduation she taught kindergarten for five years. Christine recently took time off work to begin her own family and enjoyed being at home raising her two children. She is happy to be back at work, working with the wonderful children and families at Countryside Preschool.