A typical day at Countryside

The following is a possible timeline for a preschool day.  Two hours of the day is spent outside and two hours inside.  Every year the schedule is evaluated by the ECE to match the rhythms of all the children currently enrolled (for example, when to have circle time).  

Sign In, Drop Off and Outside Play – The children may start their day outside for explorative play.  We have plenty of sheltered areas allowing us to remain outdoors for all types of weather. Opportunities for art explorations will also occur in our outdoor area.  In the spring the children also take part in planting seeds to start a vegetable garden, and they will use the compost they have helped to start earlier in the year. Everyone works together sowing seeds, watering daily and then eating what they have grown.
Snack Time – Healthy snack from home either inside or outside depending on time and weather.
Indoor Play – 
Indoor play explorations are based on the children’s interests.  Children have free access to various activities.  These consist of sensory play, art explorations, dramatic and pretend play, blocks and building, puzzles, books, and music and movement explorations.

Clean Up Time & Transition to Carpet for Quiet Reading  After inside clean up the children find a book to look at independently, or with the daily helpers. Each child can then choose a book to take home to share with their family.
Carpet Gathering – A chance for our ECE to connect with the children, through stories, songs, conversation, games, and any other special arrangements she has planned.
Lunch Time – Healthy lunch from home either inside or outside depending on weather and time.
Outside Play  The schedule will allow for two hours of outside play.
Home time 

*Explorations focus on engaging all of the sensory systems, allowing opportunities for social and emotional developmental, and exposure to language and literacies through modeling rather than direct instruction.

*Throughout the days the ECE also seeks the most optimal time to engage the children in music and movement sessions.


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